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14 June 2022


Facebook is not a new concept, nor is the notion that every company should own a Facebook page. Since Facebook initially joined the marketing world, a lot of things have changed. Facebook market place is world's greatest social platform can now perform things that few of us could have imagined even ten years ago. So, what is Facebook Traffic and Marketing, exactly? Here is a complete details shared by Deseinstien UK.

It is a tool that lets businesses sell their products to a larger audience through several paid adverts and organic postings.

Facebook is an excellent dominion to keep consumers updated and create brand identification. It can also help to increase your reach if you're a massive corporation or a small local business.

Several marketing options exist to interact with new consumers and widen your business's reach.

This may appear intimidating to newcomers, so don't worry. Let us guide you through using the options available to you if you're new to Facebook marketing.

Why should you use Facebook Market Place?

There are 2.91 billion active monthly users on Facebook.

It is the most widely utilized social media network on the planet. And all you have to do is show up!

Facebook marketing is a catch-all word for all of the numerous ways you may use Facebook to promote your brand. It covers the following items:

  • Advertisements on Facebook

  • Pages for Business

  • Facebook Market Place

  • Groups on Facebook

Whether you're seeking a free social media advertising solution or want to put aside monthly money for paid Facebook Ads, there's a marketing approach for any budget.

What are the different types of Facebook Market Place ads?

There are various types of Facebook ads that may be confusing to the general public. To help you identify them, we have gathered a list of all sorts of Facebook ads. These are a few ways to increase both organic and inorganic traffic.

- Image ads

The style of advertisement that uses graphics for digital marketing your company. An image ad is a graphic that you create that contains information about your company, services, or products. Once clicking on the ad, people will be sent to your website.

- Video ads

Video advertising is a marketing tactic that utilizes a brief and informative video to sell a product or service. It aids in telling the tale, increasing sales volume, creating buzz, conveying information, and reaching a large audience.

- Poll ads

You may utilize two-question polling in a poll ad to communicate with your audience. On mobile devices, the poll you add to your video ad displays in the Facebook News Feed. These ads are also considered Facebook Market Place engagement posts.

- Carousel ads

Carousel format allows you to display two or more photos or videos in a single advertisement. Each of them will go with its title, description, link, and call to action. People scroll their mobile devices or press the arrow keys on their computer screens to browse around a carousel.

- Slideshow ads

Facebook slideshow ads are video-like advertising that communicates your message attractively across platforms using sound, motion, and text. They load quickly and work effectively with any connection speed. Unlike other video advertising, Slideshow commercials are simple and inexpensive to design.

- Collection ads

A Collection Ad is a type of advertisement that often features a cover picture and a maximum of four product photos. The product photos are part of a product catalog that a marketer post on Facebook Market Place, which they display in users' news feeds.

- Lead ads

Advertisers may gather information from clients straight from mobile advertising through lead ads. Rather than directing users to a landing page where they would manually fill out a form and send it, they click on the ad, where their information (name and email) is pre-populated, and they enter.

- Dynamic ads

Dynamic advertisements are banners that alter automatically to adjust content and promotions to each user's particular needs and preferences. And guarantees that each user is exposed to the most effective creative.

- Messenger ads

Facebook Messenger Advertisements are a new ad tool that allows users who see your ads. And they can even start a text chat with your company with a single click.

- Stories ads

Facebook Stories advertising is identical to Instagram Stories advertisements. However, they are only available on Facebook Market Place. On mobile Apps, these stories display at the top of consumers' News Feeds.

Steps to start Facebook marketing

- Access Ads Manager

The first and foremost step is to access the Facebook ad manager. It is an ad management application that allows you to create, adjust, and evaluate sponsored Facebook advertising campaigns.

- Set goals for Facebook

The next step is setting the right goals before working on any project. This is to make sure that your strategy is going to be successful. There are three types of goals:

- Awareness Goals

The initial step of the customer journey is represented by an awareness goal. Viewing the product description page is the awareness objective in the checkout scenario. This way, the customer is made aware of your goods or business in both circumstances.

- Consideration Goals

The major purpose of the consideration goals is to develop material that encourages potential buyers to view your product as a viable solution to their issues.

- Conversion Goals

Your website's conversion goal aids in the growth of your firm. Website conversion advertising motivates visitors to visit your site and take action, whether you're looking for page views, sales, or something else.

- Name Your Campaign

The primary purpose behind a campaign name is to inform the client about the campaign's aim. It also explains the demographic it is addressing and the product it is marketing, among other things.

- Set Your Budget and Schedule

Firstly, decide which Page you want to market. This is most likely the page for your firm. Next, decide whether you want your Fb Ad campaign to run monthly or weekly, and then when you want it to start. You may also provide a closing date.

- Choose Your Audience

Custom Audiences is a brilliant method to retarget customers who have already browsed your website. This will allow you to get more bang for your buck with your ad spending.

- Select Your Ad Placements

Remember that ad placement is just as crucial as ad creativity when establishing an internet campaign. No matter how excellent your advertisements are, if they aren't positioned appropriately, your potential clients aren't going to notice them. As a consequence, they aren't going to provide the results you want.

- Determine Your Brand's Safety Controls

You can exclude certain kinds of content from your ad, such as violent, sensitive, or explicit content. You may also tweak your bidding approach to something more from this screen. However, for newcomers, it's best to initially remain with the default settings and make modifications later if necessary.

Facebook marketing tips:

Are you ready to get the most out of your Facebook Market Place ads? Here are some Facebook marketing tips to keep in mind:

  • Because first impressions are really important, so make sure you include high-quality, high-resolution photographs in every ad.

  • Avoid too crowded, cluttered images and emphasize your value offer effectively.

  • To capture the user's attention, make your CTA very apparent and engaging.

  • In your video advertising, show individuals utilizing your goods bring them to life.
  • Wherever possible, use user-generated material to create a feeling of belonging.
  • Keep your videos and photos vertical to ensure they look good on mobile devices.
  • A/B testing may be used to see which form of the ad is the most effective.

Other ways to use Facebook marketing to grow your brand:

- Facebook Groups

Another way to grow your business is to start a Facebook group. You need to give your customers a safe place where they can interact freely about your product and services. You can even use these groups to promote your events related to your brand, engage your followers and simply create brand awareness.

- Join the Facebook Marketplace

If you are willing to sell your product online, then the Facebook marketplace is a great option for you. You may instantly interact with potential consumers who are ready to purchase. And you can increase organic traffic more efficiently with highly targeted listings on the Marketplace.

- Use Your Business Page

In essence, your Facebook Page is a free way to promote.

You may use it to distribute information and engage people in the most basic way. However, depending on the nature of your business, you can utilize it to:

- Make appointments and respond to inquiries

- People are more likely to install the application if they see it advertised on social media.

Furthermore, you may provide a link to your Marketplace listings to assist in converting Page visitors into paying clients.

How to track Facebook marketing campaigns?

The last step of your strategy is understanding the metrics you identified earlier in goal setting and analyzing the results. This also includes determining your ROI.

This tracking can be done through 3 main tools mentioned as follows:

  • Ads Manager

  • Events Manager

  • Facebook Business Suite


If you want your marketing on Facebook Market Place to be successful, you must stand out from 70 million companies and millions of users.

You must be of assistance. You must be methodical. To master Facebook marketing, you must first grasp inbound marketing.

Thankfully, Facebook's capabilities are designed for marketers that want to build genuine relationships with their customers. You may understand your target audience before you post using Facebook's outstanding set of analytics tools.

With Facebook's growing array of multimedia content possibilities, you can push your creativity to new heights. Then, using Page Insights, you can identify which content individuals like. And then segment your ads to ensure you're helping rather than offending them.

Your fans have permitted you to communicate with them via Facebook Market Place. Follow the basic guidelines in this article to make the most of the chance.

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