Modification or Cancel an Order

If you wish to change or cancel an order contact our Customer Service team on 020 3239 1794 any time between 8 am and 6 pm GMT Monday to Friday. We will make changes according to your specifications.Please note that an order cannot be cancelled within 24 hours of delivery date/time.

Track your order

Please give us a call at +44 20 3239 1794 or contact your dedicated account manager.

Money-back guarantee offers a 100% Money back guarantee on logo design packages only. We do not offer a 100% money-back guarantee on website, banner, or brochure samples and if the original price of the order is less than £60.00, however, we levy a fixed amount of £60.00 as admin fees and the remaining amount will be refunded to you. For more details, click on the Money back guarantee page. Please note that refunds are only applicable on design elements and where specified. Where we have started coding, developing, proofreading, or copywriting work, there will NOT be any refund.

Refund procedure and policy

There is a 100% refund on logo designs only. Moreover, we levy £60.00 admin fees on website, banner, and brochure design samples. Where the original price or the total order value is less than £60.00, there will not be any refund. Complete details of the refund procedure are on the money-back guarantee and the refund policy is mentioned on the Terms & conditions.