The Complete Guide to Animated Video Production in 2023

8 December 2023

The Complete Guide to Animated Video Production in 2023


Animation captures viewers' attention like no other form of media, whether it's in brand storytelling or animated videos. There are a plethora of diverse video animation styles to pick from, whether your objective is to assist viewers in visualizing a difficult idea or just to keep them interested and entertained with something reminiscent of your favorite old-fashioned cartoon. Animated Video Production UK will help you in this matter.

Live Action Mixed With Animation

If you decide to go with live-action, you can add authentic settings, props, and actors to give the scene a more unique, authentic feel. But it's a good idea to vary it! Your film can reach new heights when you incorporate animation, as it allows you greater creative control over difficult-to-visualize ideas. Compared to live-action alone, the combination is significantly more inventive, captivating, and unrestricted. We are going to discuss different types of animated video production.

Videos of 2D Animation

Probably the most popular type of animation is 2D animation. Even though these images can be made to appear 3D, they are ultimately classified as 2D animation if the object cannot be rotated to provide numerous views. Because it takes less time than stop motion or 3D animation, 2D animation is probably going to be the most economical kind of animation, which is advantageous for marketers. 

Animated 3D Videos

A more dynamic, captivating, and captivating video technique is 3D animation. In essence, they are graphics that have been animated after being modeled in a three-dimensional space. This implies that you can rotate the components in a 360-degree circle to get any desired compositional angle. Some 3D animations are so good that you might not even notice they're animated!

Graphic Motion Videos

Text combined with graphic components that are minimalistically and clearly placed to motion is known as motion graphic design. This typically refers to tinier animated segments, such as an animated logo, rather than an entire animated movie.

Animation Videos in Stop Motion

When you were little, do you recall creating flipbooks out of your school books? That's kind of how stop-motion animation works, but it's more sophisticated. It takes pictures of objects in your frame and then physically modifies them so that the technique gives the impression that the object is moving on its own when the frames are played backward and forward.

Videos of Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations are a straightforward method of conveying complex information since they are made to appear as though the content is being hand-drawn on a classroom whiteboard. With a plethora of inexpensive tools to assist even the most artistically challenged among us in producing interesting, educational videos that appear as though you're drawing on a whiteboard, it's likely the most accessible and easiest style of animation. 


The technique of rotoscoping involves tracing over live-action video, frame by frame, to create animated sequences. Similar to stop motion, it requires a significant amount of time to execute well and is typically used in video games or movies. However, it has the advantage of assisting animators in producing lifelike characters that move like actual people. You can also search for animated video production London.


An effective animated video has a call to action that is obvious and conveys a story. They ought to be brief, sharp, captivating, lively, and enjoyable.  Animated Video Production UK can be the best option.

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